Fast Loan

Fast Loan is developed specially for you - If you have incomes and need a loan shortly, for personal or any other needs, apply and receive FINCA fast loan!

Express Loan

Express Loan is the best choice, if you have incomes from business and would like to get a loan up to 60 000 GEL in one business day

Fast Agro Loan

Fast Agro Loan is the best choice, if you run agro business and need to get a small loan

Express Agro Loan

Express Agro Loan is the best choice, if you run agro business and would like to borrow up to 60 000 GEL in a day!

Consumer Loan

FINCA Bank Consumer Loan is the fastest and the most convenient way to achieve any of your goals. We offer consumer loans for various purposes

Business Overdraft

Business Overdraft is the opportunity to use more financial resources than you have on your current/card account!

Agro Installement

Agro Installment - the best opportunity for farmers and individuals running a small farm to purchase agricultural equipment, materials and get agro services quickly at favorable terms and conditions

Agro Start up

If you already have farm and would like to start up new, other agro business FINCA Bank offers you Agro Start Up loan.



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