Make all banking transactions via Internet Banking for 24 hours a day without even visiting a service center:

  • Transfer funds to FINCA Bank or any other banks service centers (personal and other accounts);
  • Pay utility and other bills;
  • Receive statements from your accounts;
  • Register standing orders;
  • Transfer funds from your debit card account to you deposits;
  • Receive detailed information about your loans and respective payment schedules;

 In order to activate Internet Banking you can register in a bank as well as online*-at

  • Registration at FINCA Bank service center requires filling in application form. After that you will receive your user name. Your password will be sent to you via SMS. In case of registering in bank you get full access to Internet Banking.
  • Online registration requires to have at least one account at FINCA Bank with mobile phone number indicated**. In case of online registration you will get limited access to Internet Banking.

* Internet Banking is available for customers, who use package services.

**Online registration is available for physical persons only.