Start Saving for your child’s brighter future and get high interest rates!

Terms and Conditions

Currency: GEL/USD/EUR

Annual Interest: GEL  10.75% , USD 4.00%, EUR 2.00%.

Effective Interest: GEL 10.74% , USD 4.00%, EUR 2.00%.

Min. maturity: 2 years*.

* The deposit is intended for children till they reach lawful age

Max. maturity: till the  lawful age of a child

Required initial amount: 10 GEL/USD/EUR

Max. amount:  unlimited

Adding funds:  unlimited

Accrual of interest rate: on yearly basis.


High profitability – the interest is capitalized to the deposit on annual basis

Additional Depositing – allowed at any time without restriction of the deposited amount on cash desk or by bank transfer.  Funds added monthly can be different

Withdrawal of accrued interest rate or the amount deposited in cash is free of charge from any service center of FINCA Bank Georgia

How to apply?

Visit FINCA Bank’s service centers with following documentation:

  • Identity card
  • Original copy of child’s birth statement 

Who can apply?

The deposit can be opened by a parent, guardian or third person (citizens of Georgia as well as other countries).

As of 1 January 2018, the Bank is a member of a deposit insurance system established in Georgia in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Deposit Insurance System, whereas in case of insurance event, each individual depositor is entitled to receive a compensation from the Deposit Insurance Agency, up to the maximum insured amount of 5,000 GEL, regardless of the number of deposit accounts kept in each individual bank operating in the territory of Georgia. The remainder shall be compensated as provided under the effective legislation of Georgia.

For more information on deposit insurance system, see web site of LEPL Deposit Insurance Agency:

Child Deposit Calculator


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