Business Overdraft is the opportunity to use more financial resources than you have on your current/card account! During overdraft period you will be able to cover the overdraft and apply again several times

Note: Business overdraft is not available for borrowers who use asymmetrical, grace period and zero grace period loans.

Business overdraft amount can be

  • Received from ATM-s or at FINCA Bank cash desks;
  • Used to make payments/disbursement operations through POS terminals;

General Conditions:

  • Business overdraft for new borrower is approved in the process of loan approval;
  • If you already are FINCA Bank borrower, the overdraft can be approved during loan period, or in case of new/additional loan;
  • No collateral is required for Business Overdraft

Currency:  GEL


  • Minimum: 100 GEL/USD;
  • Maximum: 6000 GEL, 3000 USD


  • One month in addition to the maturity of the last disbursed loan.

Approval/Disbursement Fee:

  • Approval Fee – 0%;
  • In case of cash-out at FINCA Bank cash desk you will be charged as per bank’s tariffs;
  • In case of cash-out from your debit card, the card service fees will be applied.

 *Loans up to 100 000 GEL for physical persons are available only in national currency