Agro Installment  – the best opportunity for farmers and individuals running a small farm to purchase agricultural equipment, materials and get agro services quickly at favorable terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Maturity: 24 months

Currency: GEL

Amount: 50-4500 GEL

Collateral: not required

Grace period: up 9 months

 PurposeProcurement of agricultural equipment/machinery, Purchase of seeds, Purchase of fertilizers and other agricultural materials, etc.

 AdvantagesApproval time – 30 minutes, No visits to the business place, No documents related to incomes from business required, Only one visit to the shop or FINCA Bank Georgia branch is enough for approval.

*For additional information about shops you can contact us through webpage chat services, or call at 2244949, or *4949 during 24 hours every day.