October 31 is World Savings international day celebrated in more than 120 countries since 1925. FINCA Bank is joining activities related to savings day 6th time in a row.

FINCA Bank will host meetings with kids and their parents from October 28 to November 2 and share with them tips about savings in fun way. Children will receive special educational brochures and certificate, that they have attended trainings in a bank.

In order to adjust to saving behavior it is very important, to imagine future expenses and turning them into goals. People are tend to save for “black day” and it is time to make this event more positive-let’s start saving for white days, for our tangible goals.

I save for #whiteday is the main message for World Savings Day 2019 in Georgia. On October 31 take a clean sheet of paper, think of all things you need money for, visiT FINCA Bank and open deposit. Start saving for your #whitedays.

Remember: every saved Tetri brings us close to our goals.