On 31st of October – on World Savings Day FINCA Bank Georgia launched a new interactive book for schoolchildren – “My School Book”.

The book content is designed for children from 7 to 14 and the focus is made on the promotion of financial literacy and business skills development. The book covers topics like: what is money? Why do we save? And offers stories of successful businessmen recipes for business, quizzes and more!

The project is really unique and interesting. Research shows that savings behavior is formed from the very early age. As financial inclusion, financial capability and sustainable livelihoods are essential components of full economic citizenship, educational components like this are very important to ensure that children from a very early age are well equipped with the basics of financial literacy. FINCA Bank is a pioneer in this very important field of making this kind interactive content for children.

The content and design of the book was created together with creative agency Windfor’s Communication. Fun and colorful illustrations help kids to understand the main topics of the book and makes it easy to remember. The content is created to encourage interaction with classmates who will make projects together as a group.

As there are a lot fun tasks and quizzes in the book, children can contact us to share their opinion and thoughts through a special e-mail. There will be special prizes and awards for the most active and creative children.

The book will be sent to FINCA Bank employees and their kids will take the book to their schools so that more than 8000 children in almost all regions of the country will get to use the book, learn the basics of financial literacy and have fun.