Happy New Year!

2018-11-12T19:24:36+00:00December 13th, 2016||

Dear customers,

Happy New Year! May this year bring you happiness, peace, and success!

2016 was very important for FINCA Bank Georgia as a long process of banking transformation has come to an end and today our more than 100 0000 customers have the opportunity to have access to large variety of banking products and services. Source of income for majority of our clients is the business, which is financed by FINCA Bank and vast majority of our customers manage to create jobs for others, therefore, it doubles our responsibility to develop and offer relevant products and services, so clients are able to successfully continue their activities and create better futures for their families. All our efforts in 2017 will be focused to continue implementation of our mission in the country and worldwide.

Being committed to FINCA mission and values, devoted to the idea why FINCA exists, we always have in mind that there are many people, who exceptionally need and deserve more support. New Year is the time to make dreams come true. So we decided to make small surprises to our customers – AND – Mrs. Tamar in Khelvachauri will no more have to wash clothes by hand for her 4 kids; Mr. Gogita’s children in Baghdati will have personal computers and opportunity to learn more, like their friends do; Mrs. Larisa in Chkhorotsku will have more time for her 4 orphan kids and her mother-in-law, as now she has a new washing machine; Mrs. Ketino in Telavi already has gas, oven and can easily cook food or heat her house, as she no longer needs to chop firewood for that; Mrs. Malakhat from Marneuli had a dream – to have a washing machine and her dream came true; Mrs. Shorena’s kids now have a computer; Mr. Otar’s little kids in Sagarejo will get better education with their new computer, Mrs. Maia Kipshidze in Akhaltsikhe, takes care of her three kids and a washing machine of her dream made this New Year happier for her!

We wish you a very joyful, peaceful and successful 2017.

Let’s make it so that our cooperation creates more opportunities to people to make their lives better.

FINCA Bank Georgia