FINCA Impact Finance introduced a new, senior management development project – FINCA Falcon Development Project. The presentation of the project was held in Georgia and the event was attended by FINCA Impact Finance executive management team and 16 project members (Falcons) from 12 countries.

The Falcon Program is a fast-track development program for high-potential employees identified as future FINCA Impact Finance (FIF) leaders. The program will equip members with the skills, strategies, and tools necessary to reach new heights at the organizations. The project contains different modules, including online sessions, group work on creating business models, leading and coaching.  The Falcon project started in May 2019 and will last for 12 months.

Within the project, the Vise President and Board Member of the National Bank of Georgia Mr. Papuna Lezhava joined the meeting as the special keynote speaker. Mr. Lezhava shared with FINCA’s falcons his view on the future of the financial services industry in Georgia and the NBG’s strategy on the digitization of the sector. The participants also had an opportunity to learn from Mr. Lezhava on the talent management strategy of the NBG and how the best practices from both sides can be shared with each other.

Papuna Lezhava, Vise-President, National Bank of Georgia: „I am very pleased to be invited on such an interesting event. Events like this increase the awareness of the country and create interest of investors toward Georgia. Today I met members of FINCA from all around the globe and meeting with them was very interesting for me. I shared our experience about the Georgian banking sector, as well as National Bank’s future vision, I presented the information about how the NBG supervises the financial institutions and its input in the development of the sector. The audience was engaged, many questions were asked, and it is nice that such a great interest was created by this presentation. I want to thank the FINCA Bank Georgia management for inviting me.

Roman Hingorani, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, FINCA Impact Finances: “human capital is very important for us. When we invest in people, we are able to give more to our customers. If our employees are stronger, they know how to deliver our values to the customers and customer also benefits from this. The Falcons will go back to their respective countries. They have learned specific teamwork techniques, how to put together projects, they have assignments to do. We are glad that Mr. Papuna Lezhava was with us today. It is an honor to have the Vise-President of the National Bank of Georgia to join us today as a keynote speaker and share his experience with our team. We are a small organization in this country and we serve the segment of society which is not very well served and we are very glad that Central Bank is supporting us in delivering our mission in Georgia”.

Vusal Verdieyev – CEO, FINCA Bank Georgia: “FINCA Bank Georgia is part of the global network of financial institutions and for us, it is extremely important to have an effective talent management program across the network. The Falcons Project gives the opportunity to FINCA global team to get experience outside the country and develop internationally. So, It makes the project very interesting for our employees. We are grateful to Mr. Papuna Lezhava for sharing his experience with our team. Hosting him was incredibly encouraging. The team had the opportunity to see what the National Bank of Georgia is doing, how it’s talent management works, get information about their vision for the future, at the same time – us having the opportunity to share FINCA’s footprint and initiatives we are undertaking globally. We highly appreciate this opportunity.

FINCA Impact Finance management team highlights that new Falcons Project will increase global management efficiency through FINCA countries.