December is all about presents and surprises! FINCA Bank started new campaign, offering its’ clients credit limit-unique banking product. Those, who will spend at least half of the limit in December will automatically take part in special campaign: Most active 100 clients will receive cashback of 20, 50, 100 and 150 GEL on June 2014, 2020.

FINCA Bank’s unique product “Credit Limit” has entered market few months ago and already is in high demand.

So, what’s unique about this product and why you should have it?

  • Credit Limit is amount of money, which is already approved on you card and you can use it for anything you want-do some shopping or cash out from ATM;
  • Monthly payments are fixed and does not change due to spent amount, which is very convenient: you pay same amount monthly, despite the amount you have spent.
  • Credit Limit is for every physical person, who has any type of income;
  • Minimum amount is 500 GEL, maximum-4000 GEL.

New Year is coming. We will all start spending more. So, if you would like to have funds that can be used for various purposes get your Credit Limit, spend at least half of it in till December 31 and get cashback of 20, 50, 100 and 150 GEL.

Apply for Credit Limit at FINCA Bank service centers, fill in online application or call at *4949.