Protection of customers’ rights, timely identification of hindrances in service and effective resolution of customer’s complaints is fundamental for FINCA Bank Georgia.

Any client that feels dissatisfies with the service of the bank, has the right to address the bank with a written, verbal or electronic complaint.

  • You can get a standard complaint form in any of our Service Centers;
  • Verbal Complaints can be received through FINCA Bank Georgia hot-line (2 24 4949 or *4949);
  • Please see electronic complaints form below.

Electronic complaint should be sent to the following email address:

A maximum term for examining each individual complaint is 20 (twenty) calendar days from the receipt of the correctly filled out application by FINCA bank.

The consumer will be informed about the decision concerning complaint in a forms of communication requested by the customer (electronic, verbal, written form or other).

Information about the status of the claim reviewing process can be received through FINCA Bank call center: 224 49 49, *4949

For detailed information about customers rights you can visit National Bank of Georgia web site and call 032 240 64 06.